How do scatters, wilds, and bonus symbols work in online slots? 

When you play online slot games, you’ll notice certain symbols that act differently than regular icons on the reels. These include scatters, wilds, and bonus symbols. Scatter symbols are special icons that pay out when landing anywhere on the reels, even if not on an active payline. Scatter wins multiplied by your total bet instead of just your payline bet. It makes them among the most lucrative regular symbols. Scatters also frequently trigger free spin bonuses. When a designated number of scatters land, you’ll unlock free games with various advantages like multipliers, extra wilds, or guaranteed wins per spin. The number of scatters needed to trigger varies, but often only 2 or 3 are required. Scatters add excitement by paying from any position while offering a portal to valuable bonuses.

Expanding wild symbols 

Wild symbols substitute for other icons to complete winning symbol combinations. For example, if you need one more cherry symbol for a payout, a wild fill that spot to enable the win. Some slots take wilds a step further with expanding wilds. When an expanding wild lands, it covers or “expands” across the entire reel and substitutes for everything. This hugely boosts your odds of hitting a big win since the wild represents all possible symbols on that reel. Landing an expanding wild or two on a spin leads to massive payouts. For any other information you might need, the following website can be visited:

  1. Walking wilds

Walking wilds act like expanding wilds but move horizontally across the reels with each spin. When the walking wild lands, it typically moves one reel over until it walks off the grid. It provides multiple spins of expanded wild coverage to create huge win potential. Walking wilds may also split in two directions as they move across the reels, occupying more spaces. The walking motion keeps them in play longer for multiple chances to land big wins.

  1. Stacked wilds 

Stacked wilds pile up or “stack” on top of one another on a single reel. A stacked wild reel essentially becomes an extra payline of wilds. This hugely increases the odds of hitting symbol combinations across multiple lines. Some slots have reels that can become fully stacked with wilds top to bottom for even more ways to win. The stacked formation multiplies the power of wilds for potentially gigantic payouts.

  1. Random wilds

Some slots use random wilds that appear in random spots after each spin. This surprise element keeps things exciting. Random wilds can suddenly create a winning combo where none existed before. Some games have a special meter that fills up after each random wild. When full, the meter triggers a reel packed with random wilds for massive win potential.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols activate special features when landing on reels. Common bonuses triggered by these symbols include free spins, wheel bonuses, picking games, and access to a second-screen bonus event. Bonus symbols provide variance from regular spins and open up new ways to win. You’ll generally find them labeled clearly as “Bonus” or with a unique icon like a wheel or treasure chest. Match the required number, often 3, to enter the bonus round.

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